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Set a standard rental cost against a product

For sub-rent or sales or services its already there, i miss it in the product level.
Every product i own cost me something, every day even its not on the road. And it still costs that money when its on the road, so this part is missing in the opportunity costs calculation.

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  • Marta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    When we are renting out a product we are needed it to reflect the loans, notes and just cost of the products. We are needing this for accurate metrics and job costing. Having to do this per opportunity is much more time consuming then if it could be on a per item basis.

    Having to add them as sub-rentals also throws off the metrics considering they are not rentals they are products that we own.

  • Marcus Wimmer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    to explain it a bit more in a actual case that came up now:
    my rental charging engine is "weeks, 2 days, one day, subs-days" all my items are calculated for one week. now i was setup a longtime rental for 2years, i take a mixing desk and a stagebox, i have it in a set. now i want to give the customer a great discount for the 2 year rental.
    how much is my cost of the desk with all the service and return of invest calculations?
    If this costs are set against a item it could be easily seen in the opportunity how much i will get in real for the 2year rental inkl. a great discount to make the customer happy.

    For now i need to take a calculation to compare the numbers ;-)

    If anyone (user or support) has a tip or a solution to set this up right now, you are always welcome!!!

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