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Clicking on an opportunity item opens the opportunity item edit screen

I got the thing that everytime i am in my opportunity and set it together. when i need to edit the item (no matter if service or item or vehicle) intuitive i klick on the item name to edit it.
BUT than it opens always the original ressource to make systemwide changes to the ressource.
For me this behavior are two completely different tasks in the company workflow.
When i want to change somethin in my system or the stock or something like that i want to to be forced to go to my ressource for make a clear change and not "quickly" when i edit an opportunity.

If the opportunity item edit will open on the click an its name it would make the process much faster and more intuitive.
As a sideeffect i think there could be more actions (like: auto-allocate) in the dropdown at each item.
It would be very handy to minimize the clicks in the workflow.
I love the open and friendly look of CURRENT_RMS, but its still much space that could be filled with handy links/shortcuts to the regular needed locations in the creating process for opportunities.

I hope a lot of you got the same feeling for the workflow!
pls vote and make it much more a workflow than clicking thru pages ;-)

THANKs for listening!

(Maybe user-definable, but i dont know how complicate this will be... haha)

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Marcus Wimmer shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

Interesting feedback, thanks!

The opportunity items list is an area of the system that our users engage with a lot, so we’re wary of making any changes without seeing some consensus. It’d be really interesting to hear how other folk feel – if you agree, drop some votes on this idea and let us know in the comments 😃


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