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"Relatively" easy method for custom reporting

On each opportunity screen there is already a button that downloads a csv dump of line item data on that particular opportunity. If the Current programmers could do a little tweak and include as few as 4 extra columns to the outputted csv file, then we might have the basis of an almost comprehensive reporting capability.
Those four columns would be:
Opportunity ID
Organisation ID
Product ID
Row is heading? TRUE/FALSE

So, with no extra buttons and no GUI changes, you could then download a csv for each opportunity and copy/paste into a master sheet to get all line items for all opportunities in the system. (obviously that is rediculously tedious - but i'll come back to that)

With those 4 extra fields on every row - together with additional csvs generated from custom views of customers, opportunities, products invoices etc - you could use a reporting tool like tableau, or crystal reports or filemaker etc to connect to the excel sheets and link tables on the new id/key fields and there you have almost a complete custom reporting capability with what I think would be very little time and effort for Current's programming team - I stand to be corrected on the level of difficulty - I honestly have no idea how hard that would be.

Two problems:
1) not everyone has a license or knows how to use the above software - but many people have and know excel and maybe just pivot tables alone might produce something more useful than were getting at the moment..
2) downloading a csv for each booking and adding all the rows to a master sheet would be extremely tedious - which comes to the next ask - can the guys provide a csv download of the same data for all the line items on every opportunity? Maybe that could be added to the export data page (system setup>utilities), where you can export customer data, contact data etc etc. That would be a logical place.
I note that the custom reports wish has 330 votes and Michael has it tagged as Under review. I understand how the team has to prioritise their programming time - and a fully fledged integrated reporting engine will IMO just not make it to the top of the backlog any time soon - despite it being a crucial missing feature and a deal breaker for many considering Current.

Doing the above might just keep enough of us happy for a while or even permanently. And I am absolutely certain that being able to answer prospective customers reservations about reporting capabilities with a bit more certainty than "it's on the wishlist" will help convince them.

I am attaching an excel sheet which shows the existing opportunity specific csv download colunms in black and the additional columns in blue. Much as I've said that this can be done with as few as 4 extra fields, Ive included a few more e.g. Organisation name and Opportunity number - so that the initial download can be understandable as a stand alone sheet without having to pull linked data from other sheets.

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