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Provide an option to show/hide individual items and groups from quotes & invoices

Please can you add an option to show or hide individual items and groups on a quote or invoice which is being sent to a customer or downloaded as a PDF.

e.g. I often want to show the LED Group and its contents but not the Power Group and its contents.


On another quote I might want to show the LED Group and it's contents and only the Power Distro from the Cable Group rather than each individual power cable.

Other rental software has an option to hide any item which is priced at £0.

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    • Tim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

      I'd like the ability to hide groups, items and accessories from the client quote/invoice. For example - a quote might have a laptop, which includes a serialized power supply, and a non-serialized USB mouse. I'd like those to be on the pull list, but the client doesn't need to see them.

      Also, for groups or packages, I'd like to be able to hide child items. So I can quote the client a "2 speaker sound system" and they can see it includes 2 speakers, a mixer, and a wireless mic, but the cables, adapters, etc are hidden. Or I might have a group for "cable package" and I want to show the client the total price, but not see what's in it - they don't need to know if I'm brining 25 15' XLR cables or 4 50' cables, they just need to know that I'm bringing a package for X price.

      Or have hidden items for spares, etc that get pulled but are 0 priced, and I don't want the client to know we have them onsite (extra wireless or an extra laptop are an easy upsell, for instance, so I don't want to show it as a 0 priced item because if I use it I'll add it to the bill)

    • Harry Butcher commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

      This can actually be done with the custom documents. We do it at the moment to show only groups with descriptions.

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