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Review check in/out behaviour of “stock method: None” items

Currently items with "stock method: None" are still checked in/out like other stock methods. I was just wondering if it would make sense to have them behave as "ghosts" that don't get checked in or out, since their quantity is not tracked anyway.

Example: When we use "stock method:none" items to create packages, it doesn't really mean anything to check the package in or out since the non-stock package itself doesn't physically exist. What do exist, and of course must be checked in/out, are the constituents of that package (bulk and serialised).

My suggestion is intended to remove a few unnecessary book outs/check ins for each job (small time saving).

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  • Kieran commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For example;

    I have a none-stock package with two items in it. This is to group a part one and two of an item.

    I scan the two items to allocate them, however the package still shows reserved. It would be great if this could show "Part-allocated"/"part-prepared" then once all items have been scanned, it then states "Allocated" or Prepared. Same for booking out.

    It means we can see what's actually been scanned at a glance on order view and makes it easier to scan out all the items instead of then having to manually scan out the header item. This also stops items from accidently marking items as prepared as the group head highlights everything in the group.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Or alternatively, implement a proper "kits/packages" logic that automatically checks out/in the parent object when all it's dependants are checked out/in.

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